For you who wants to start a company in Lithuania.

Readymade Lithuanian companies

With hundreds of companies delivered to our Swedish customers over the years, we are without a doubt one of the largest suppliers of Lithuanian companies in Sweden. You just have to focus on your businesses while we take care of the rest.

Corporation tax

A fixed tax rate of 15 percent applies to both business and personal income generated in the country.

Bank account

We understand that a company without a bank account is not a company. That is why we always guarantee that all our stock companies come with a bank account.

Establishment package in Lithuania

The package costs 1950 Euro. With this you get all the support and assistance with the establishment and development of your business in Lithuania:

Registration of your company (UAB) in Lithuania, with 2500 Euro share capital, address, stamp, bank account at SEB or another bank.

Recommendation of 2-3 accounting firms, lawyers and HR firms.

Contact an experienced Swedish-speaking consultant in Lithuania who performs services from airport to airport - will meet you at Vilnius Airport. Assists you with booking hotels, company registration, meetings with accounting companies. 5 hours services with visits by other Lithuanian companies in Vilnius in respective industries such as construction, metal, plastic, printing, IT, wood, textiles, furniture, trade, environment, HR, etc. If companies are located outside Vilnius, the price is calculated separately

Additional consulting hours cost 70 Euro per hour. Consultant also helps you find suitable partners or representatives in your industry, market analysis, to supply relevant business lists with contact details, to check references and financial situation, to help in critical situations, solve problems, to ensure quality increases, help understand cultural differences.



Establishment package
  • Incl. all fees to the Swedish Companies Registration Office
  • Free consultation throughout the case
  • Quick delivery
  • F-tax
  • Vat
  • Bank account
  • Previous turnover
  • From 40 credit score